Anyone who does not move for the first time knows that moving is not always smooth. Most mistakes are often due to wrong planning. To stifle risks in the bud, read the top 10 most common relocation errors and look forward to a smooth move. Over the years we have collected and summarized the tips from the experience of different people.


Do not properly organize relocation planning

A bad organization is the most common reason for mistakes made during the move.

You have to start with the whole organization early enough. If you plan your move, for example, for September, you should think about it in June. It is best to create a checklist and start implementing the listed items as soon as possible.

You can easily find a relocation checklist on the Internet by organizing tasks by months, weeks and days. The online checklist can serve as a sample and has only an orientation character. Depending on your needs and wishes, you can add more important points for you.

The relocation checklist helps you to terminate the lease in good time, to dismantle cabinets and to get cardboard boxes.

During this period, the relocators have so much to do that often important tasks are neglected. Get more time to perform a task more than usual.

In this way, you can spend more time in the last few days before the move and concentrate on the upcoming move day.


Organizing helpers are very important but are friends the best helpers?

You organize your move yourself and do not want to hire professional packers for it. Then first ask yourself the question: “Can I find suitable relocation helpers from my private environment?”

Because not infrequently, it happens that friends or acquaintances at the appropriate time can not be there. In order not to risk the whole process of moving you better play it safe.

You organize your move yourself and do not want to hire professional packers. Then first ask yourself the question: “Can I find suitable relocation helpers from my private environment?”


They rent a moving van. How big should the moving van be?

The size of the moving van is important, and the wrong choice affects the cost. A large moving van is not suitable for your small move. It is not worth to pay the whole rent if the van is half empty.

The same applies to moving cars that are too small. If all of your belongings do not fit in, then you should do several trips back and forth, which in turn affects the cost.

The correct calculation of the amount of removal is therefore very important. Certainly, you will find many computers on the internet. But you do not have to rely on them, because they serve only as a first orientation.

It is better to consult with experts who have many years of experience in the field. Your assessment is more precise, and they can recommend the size of the moving trailer.


Hire the right removal company

You have decided to hire a moving company for your move. But how can one recognize the reputable moving company, so that no complications arise during the move?

All reputable removal companies provide detailed information about the offer you have made. They organize a pre-visit, exactly calculating the volume of the move. On the ground, it is easier to discuss the details and to estimate any difficulties (e.g., no lift, remote parking, etc.).

Forwarders with a great deal of experience can send you an offer by e-mail, but for this purpose, you should describe exactly your belongings and provide as much information as possible.


Damaged items

It can be said that a move has gone smoothly when all the furniture arrives at the new home without any damage. What can one do in this case to avoid such inconvenience?


Forget the object in the old apartment

The move day is usually stressful. Everyone goes back and forth, moving boxes and relocation helpers are talking loudly. It often happens that in the rush one forgets something. Above all, these are family pictures on the wall or nuts and bolts. To complete everything while unpacking, make a final tour.

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