A special holiday with relocation is not planned for 2016. This is not good news for those who have to move every year for different reasons. Nowadays, mobility is an important factor in the development of modern man. Nevertheless, there is the possibility that you get a vacation day when moving.

In this post, you will find important information about the possibilities that you might have to spend a day or two vacationing for the move.

You have already prepared your move and are already very nervous about the move day. Then you suddenly learn that your boss does not give you any holidays or special leave. What can an employee do in such a situation?


Your rights in a move

According to the Federal Holiday Act, the normal leave is regulated. If you work part-time or as temporary help, you are entitled to holidays. The employer is obliged to consider leave wishes. He can reject your holiday wishes only if there are urgent business concerns.


The conversation with the boss about the move, what do I have to take to care of?

Notice the moment when you want to tell your boss the message. Better wait and seek a relaxed atmosphere as possible. The time between appointments is not suitable for such discussions. It’s better to have this conversation in private, and your colleagues will not necessarily be there. Think carefully about whether it might be better if you make an appointment for this purpose.

It is recommended that you organize this conversation in good time. Two or three days before the move is too short a time and you should not take the risk of informing your boss at the last moment.

It would be best if you have a successful project behind you shortly before your move.

Practical advice:

Two leave take up more than just one

It is appropriate that you take at least two days off. So you have greater chances that you will get at least a day.

For the successful projects, you are claiming days off instead of receiving a bonus

It would be best if you have a successful project behind you shortly before your move. Then it is perfectly appropriate that you talk about a bonus in conversation with your boss. Maybe this is a common practice in your business, but you should ask for free days instead of the bonus, if possible. Your boss probably has nothing against your suggestion.

Propose work on the weekend

If there’s no way to get two paid vacation days, then suggest your boss work on the weekend to compensate for the days off.

Discuss the idea for a vacation with your colleagues

Your colleagues can give you valuable tips on how to get some days off. You probably had similar problems a few months ago, and now you are your best adviser.

Talk openly with your boss and explain the situation to him

There is another variant, namely to talk openly with your boss about the upcoming move. Maybe he understands your current needs and allows your request. Every employer wants their employees to focus on their work. Moving is a big challenge that costs a lot of nerves and stress. This is probably aware of your boss, and he responds rather positively to your request.

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