The process of moving from one home to another can be a challenging one. Whether it’s moving your family from an apartment to a new home or relocating from one city to another state, the experience becomes more stressful when the move involves older parents or relatives.

An older loved one may be reluctant to leave behind the memories of the old home and familiar surroundings. A parent or relative who can no longer care for themselves or live safely in their original home may resist transition into assisted living or a nursing home. Emotionally, they may not be ready to leave the old place behind.

There are residential moving services in Johns Creek, GA, that handle the unique logistics involved in moving older persons to their new homes. The personnel are trained to work with older persons and family members, handle their moving and packing questions, and address any details that arise in planning and implementing the move.

Experience Helps

The importance of selecting a moving service that works with older persons cannot be underestimated. They can face challenges with seniors that involve more than packing and unpacking.

Older persons typically downsize when moving from a larger home to a smaller dwelling like an assisted living apartment. You want a service that can determine how to organize and reduce the number of items going with the parent or relative to the new location.

In many cases, the moving companies will work with a dedicated senior move specialist who manages the relocation. The senior move specialist is involved in all aspects of the process, from arranging options for home items left behind, such as consignment, donation, or estate auction, to providing emotional support to the older client and family members affected by the relocation.

What to Look For

Consider these tips in choosing a moving company to provide services to an older person:

  • Make sure the company is fully insured for liability and workers compensation.
  • Ask for a consultation to see a list of services provided by the moving company and the pricing involved. It’s a good idea to budget in more than estimated for the move.
  • Beware of movers promising the cheapest quotes. Scam movers exist to prey on unsuspecting and vulnerable older persons, but even legitimate companies may draw you in with cheap prices only to charge you extra once the items are delivered. Always get a quote in writing.

If you’re in need of moving services in Johns Creek for an older parent or relative, be sure to ask plenty of questions and do your research. This will help minimize the emotional stress and ease the transition for the older persons involved.

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