The art of packing your possessions makes a significant difference in how easy or hard your move to a new home becomes. Developing a strategy for how you pack before you start filling boxes is a wise decision. Professional moving services in Marietta, GA, can help you think about how to pack your belongings for the greatest efficiency. Here are five tips that the pros suggest based on years of experience.


#1 Start Early

Packing up your possessions at your old home is not something you want to rush. You’ll end up with a lot more work in the long run if you frantically do an all-nighter the day before the moving trucks come. Careful planning and an early start will save you effort and anxiety.


#2 Prioritize Based on Your New Home

Packing happens, of course, at the home you’re leaving, but your mindset really should be on your new home. You should prioritize your belongings in these categories: items you need first, second, and third. Then, pack them together according to category and label the boxes. You’ll appreciate finding what you need most without an extensive hunt.


#3 Don’t Pack Empty Spaces

You can minimize the number of boxes you’re moving by making effective use of the space within each box. You should group large and small things together. Place larger items in the box and then fit smaller items in the pockets of space. When doing this, you should consider the overall weight of the box to keep it manageable.


#4 Keep Plastic Bags Handy

Moving generally involves disassembling a variety of things from furniture to electronics. That means you often end up with small pieces such as screws, bolts, washers, nuts, and cords as spare parts. That’s why it’s good to have a supply of plastic bags for storing these items. Clear sandwich or food storage bags work wonderfully for this purpose. Then label the bags and pack all of them in a box dedicated for holding these items. You’ll know exactly where to find these accessories.


#5 Learn What Not to Pack

A move is the perfect time to let go of those things you really don’t need anymore. Donate or discard those possessions that just don’t have value or meaning to you anymore. It makes no sense to pack them only to discard later.


Planning Makes Packing Go Easier

Developing a strategy for how you pack will make a significant difference in how easy your move to a new home goes. Moving services in Marietta, GA, can offer helpful advice. The ultimate goal is to get you settled into your new home as soon as possible.

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