Leaving everything behind and leaving is one of the biggest adventures. Often you change the place of residence with the hope of a new life that offers a better perspective. Because people often want to experience things differently, they are willing to throw away old furniture to buy new ones.

Where to go with the old furniture? Is clearing out, the only way to get rid of useless or broken objects?

If you do not have time to sell all the unnecessary stuff at the flea market, you can do something else.

Alternative variants are available, especially if you accept environmentally friendly settings. It would be more useful if you use old furniture again. Participating in various actions is also a good idea.

Ecclesial communities, aid clubs or social department stores are open to such actions and often collect from volunteers not only clothing but even larger furniture, functioning electrical appliances or household items. Many organizations engage in the free collection of furniture so you should only call them.


Old furniture, household appliances, donate clothes

Before you start to pack boxes, you have to ask yourself the question: why take these things with you? Yes, the coffee maker is still working, I would like to buy a new one.

Yes, the sofa is still in good condition, but I would like to buy new furniture for the new home. I have not worn the pants for 2 years, but they are still like new.

Why throw away old furniture or serviceable appliances and clothes when others can still use them?

By donating in kind, you will help to find the useful and worthwhile new owner. Especially clothing, shoes, bags, toys, household items, and furniture are almost always needed.


Sell old furniture

You can properly prepare for participation in a flea market.

Many who move, are often faced with the decision to buy new furniture, because the new apartment, for example, is larger. This is especially true for the kitchen furniture, which simply does not fit in the new premises.

The bedroom is currently bulky and heavy furniture, which often cause problems with the move. You definitely have to disassemble them to be able to transport them. However, most of them are made in such a way that they are no longer as functional in the event of a second assembly or they no longer fit perfectly into the new room. That’s why many opt for new furniture.

Sofas are often not so worn that you just put them on the street. If it is undamaged, you can still get some money for it.

If you think it all through in advance, you can come to idea old furniture not always carelessly throw on the trash. For used furniture (especially cabinets and beds) are always sought, and you can earn very well with it.

On the Internet, you will find numerous Internet portals where you can sell your old furniture instead of disposing of it. How does the levy work? In most cases, you have to fill in a purchase form. Present your furniture as well as possible by having some photos available.

Their price expectations are also often required. You can still create classifieds in the local newspapers. File sharing would be another option. Or you can prepare properly for participation in a flea market.

By selling your old furniture, you can finance part of your move. Or you can afford a nice trip with money. That would also be a good start for your new life.


Restore old furniture

If you are eco-friendly, you can restore your old furniture instead of donating or selling.

Before you hire a professional restorer for this task, read the numerous tips on the subject on the Internet. Maybe you can even make your old furniture modern.

Some short tips:

Before you hire a professional restorer, read the numerous tips on the subject on the Internet. Maybe you can even make your old furniture modern.

Old furniture is modern, but above all, it has to be functional. Therefore before the restoration, you have to have old furniture repaired.

Old furniture should be thoroughly cleaned before restoration. It is recommended that metal parts be worked up. But you should do this cautiously because some metal parts are often only coated. You want to beautify the old furniture and not make it worse. Then remove old paint and bring the surface to shine again.

Here you have something to consider: It is good if you know in advance, if the chair is for example only for decoration, or you use it in everyday life. Besides, it is important that when combining old furniture with the new ones the styles harmonize well with each other.


Organize bulky waste and dispose of unusable furniture

If you do not have time to create classifieds or your furniture is just too old for donations, you have no choice but to organize bulky waste.

But you must first be well informed, which items belong to bulky waste. By and large, the following items are referred to as bulky waste:

  • aquariums
  • Car seat
  • used furniture, such as bed frames, couch, garden furniture, armchairs,
  • Electrical appliances,
  • Stroller,
  • lamps,
  • mattresses,
  • carpets,
  • used bicycles
  • Sports equipment, skis
  • tents

Waste electrical and electronic equipment belonging to special waste

By law, all electrical and electronic waste must be collected and recycled separately.

For separate collection, recycling and disposal, old electrical appliances are divided into five groups:

  • Large household appliances such as washing machine, dishwasher, stove
  • Refrigerators
  • Screen devices, information and entertainment electronics devices
  • Gas discharge lamps (fluorescent tubes)
  • Small household appliances, lighting fixtures, electrical and electronic tools, toys, sports and leisure equipment, medical devices, monitoring and control instruments

At the municipal utility companies, anyone can get detailed information about which items can be disposed of. Because depending on the city and region, different rules apply. In most regions appointments are set several times a year, whereby one should leave his bulky goods until the latest 7 o’clock in the morning on the road. Everyone must not have more than a certain amount disposed of. If necessary, you can exceed this amount but should pay for the disposal.

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