Every change of residence is a challenge that is often underestimated. There is a lot of organizational stuff to do – getting moving materials, hiring relocation companies, regulatory procedures.

These are the most important tasks to be done during this period, and often you do not notice small details — for example, the relationship with the new neighbors. In this post, we would like to talk more about this first meeting.


How should newcomers take the first step to get acquainted with this at a later date?

To make you feel at home from the beginning, try to build good relationships with your neighbors. If you move to another city where you still do not have friends and acquaintances, neighbors are the only way for you to settle into the new environment.

As a rule, you need a certain amount of time to return to everyday life. The environment presents new challenges that are gradually approaching. But what do you have to do to fit into the new neighborhood?

Most of all, it depends on you to bridge the initial distance. You are aware that you are too busy because your new apartment is still in chaos. Nevertheless, it would help if you took time to introduce yourself to the neighbors personally.

A personal idea makes a good impression and creates a perspective for a friendly relationship with each other at a later time.

How to organize the first meeting, if the apartment is not in order does not matter. Do not worry about it and invite your neighbor to drink coffee together.

This can not necessarily take place in the cozy kitchen, which is not finished yet. For example, you can spend a few minutes together on the balcony by introducing yourself. If you have moved into a house, then you can ring the doorbells of your neighbors and have a short conversation.

But if you are too busy and you do not feel like drinking coffee and talking, you can just greet your neighbors and give a few nice words.


The first impression

There is usually a lot to do on the move day. Wearing furniture, boxes and items often cause a lot of noise. Furniture packers and helpers are always on the move, and their steps and voices often disturb the neighbors.

In addition, heavy objects or doors often fall down. A move is an event associated with bustle. You can not quietly drag the heavy cartons through the stairwell.

That’s why it’s a good idea to let your neighbors know before moving. You can do that by hanging a leaflet on the front door or go door to door and inform people personally.

That makes a good first impression. But move to a house, you do not need to inform the neighbors in any case. Only if, for example, the parking lot is too narrow and you will inevitably cause a jam by the moving van.


The idea

The good relations with the neighborhoods do not come by themselves. You have to make an effort. Do not wait too long to introduce yourself to your new neighbor.

If you move into your own house, you can get acquainted with the owners of the next two or three houses right and left. It is not necessary to do something specific. First say “hello,” maybe there will be a nice chat afterward, just by introducing yourself.

If you feel like it, you can organize a housewarming party and invite the neighbors. You are certainly looking forward to such an invitation. In this way, you can apologize to the neighbors for the noise during the move period and, of course, get to know each other better.

This is also the ideal opportunity to warn you that you are likely to drill and hammer in the next few days.

Rest periods should be considered so why:

  • Monday to Friday between 1 pm and 3 pm and between 10 pm and 7 am
  • Saturday between 13 and 15 o’clock and then night rest from 19 o’clock
  • Sundays and holidays keep your day rest

Keep rest periods within limits so that new neighbors do not get stressed out. You do not know well enough the people who live next to your door. Maybe the family to the right of your door has a small baby who goes to bed in the evening around 8 pm, and parents need to rest against this time.

Alternatively, the neighbor from the first floor has night shift and does not want to be disturbed in the morning. You can not know that if you do not talk to them personally. Better communicate with people than just keep the law.

So you show respect for your neighbors, which can lead to better future relationships.


Avoid disputes

Each apartment block has house rules. Ask about it and about your duties.

It would be best if the neighbors are friendly to you. Communication is the best way for peaceful coexistence, even among neighbors.

Do you have pets?

Before you move, you should check with the landlord or in the neighborhood, if dogs are allowed or not. To avoid having problems with your neighbors, be sure to spare your neighbors from loud dog barking.

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