On the Internet, you will find many tips and advice for a smooth move. One is mainly interested in the following things: How do I plan the upcoming move correctly? What items do I have to sort out and what do I have to do with them? Moving on your own or moving with friends? There are many questions about which a corresponding answer can even be found on our portal.

In this post, we do not want to talk about it, but the stage before deciding to move. We answer the following questions: Why move? What can change positively during a move? How can you find the right apartment? And many others.


Reasons for a move

You live in a cozy apartment, where you feel comfortable. But it is very often in a person’s life that one should for some reason make the decision to move. The most common reason for moving is usually the job change. You get your dream job in another city and is attracted by the good conditions. Then the moment has come for a new start in life, and you begin the preparation for a move.

Another reason for moving is the change in the size of the family. And as the need for larger living space grows over time, the family is forced to find a bigger home in a moment.

Often, people decide to move, rent, or simply want to find their happiness elsewhere.


Changing place of residence often means improving the quality of life

When moving, of course, everyone runs the risk that its quality of life really improves.

In most cases, a move only has positive effects. You already live in a larger or more comfortable apartment or the living environment is much better than before, and the rent is not so high anymore.

That sounds very optimistic, but is it really easy to achieve all these points? Very often you have to organize a move at the last moment and that also the options are minimal. You do not have that much time to find the best option for you, because often the choice in the housing market is not enough and you do not feel happy about the decision made. Of course, this can change over time if you get a better deal at a later time.

When moving, of course, everyone runs the risk that its quality of life really improves. No one is immune to unfriendly neighbors or annoying landlords who simply ban everything.


Finding a suitable apartment is a difficult task

What do you have to do to find the right apartment? In any case, you should do something reasonable and not accidentally find the new apartment. Usually, you have many options, and you have to choose the best for yourself. You can use the services of a real estate agent or even create an ad in the newspaper or select suitable ones. On the Internet, you can request inquiries on various real estate portals. And last but not least, you can get information from friends, colleagues, neighbors or acquaintances.

Do not just rely on an offer. It is best to try a few variants to choose the right apartment.

If you are looking for an apartment with the help of a broker, be sure to oversee everything so as not to let in the weak spots.


Is the new apartment right for me? Which claims are important?

One is particularly interested in the price and the location of the new apartment. You can see a lot of photos of apartments on the internet and in newspapers, but they are not always realistic. That is why it is very important to visit the site. Only in this way you can get a clear idea about the offer.

If you are looking for an apartment with the help of a broker, be sure to watch everything carefully so as not to let in the weak spots. It would be best if the apartments offered are still inhabited and they can ask the current tenants some questions. This gives you a better idea of the neighbors, surroundings and the apartment itself.


When should one doubt?

Notice how long is the offered house or the offered apartment in the real estate market. If the period is too long, then probably something is wrong. Therefore, it is recommended that you ask the landlord how long the offer is already available and why for so long a period nobody wants to rent the flat.

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