In your life, you move at least twice. According to experts, moving is one of the things that can shorten your life. Among them are still unemployed, job change and death in the family. Depending on your personality and mental condition, all these events in life have different effects on people. Some overcome difficulties and problems easily, and without much disruption, for others, changes are often called major stress.

No matter what are the reasons for a move and how stable you react to changes, moves are often very annoying. With our advice, we want to help you to resist the stress caused by it. You have to develop realistic expectations regarding the planned move. After all, most of those affected often do not feel perfect after the move. You often miss the old city, friends, and colleagues.

Not only the warm greetings from the neighborhood or the beautiful new garden are enough. Even if it has been expected for a long time, it always takes a while to adapt to the new environment. Before we talk about the psychological stress before, during and after the move, we would like to share some practical ideas that lead to less stress and insecurity.

Good planning always only has a positive effect.


Plan to move soon

So that it comes to less mental stress, you have to think about it in advance. Here are some tips for you:

Expedition or better move to own direction

It would help if you first made the decision – move to self-direction or hire a freight forwarder. Your further preparations and thoughts depend on whether you organize the move yourself or you better use the services of a reputable moving company.

Moving with a forwarding company. What do I have to take to care of?

  • Get more offers.
  • Before you opt for a freight forwarder, research the Internet correctly to make sure that your forwarder is reliable.
  • Note: Not always the cheapest deals are the best. Compare not only the prices but also the services offered.
  • Very important: the price-performance ratio must be right.
  • Although you transfer the main services to a moving company, you should also create a checklist of the tasks that you should do yourself.


Moving to own direction

Moving to self-direction is a frugal option, but requires more time and often leads to unexpected situations. Therefore, allow more time for the preparations so that less stress can be dissipated. What should be considered in this case:

  • Looking for relocation helpers early and informing
  • Create a checklist
  • Get boxes and other moving materials
  • Make changes
  • Clear out the housekeeping in good time
  • Pack the household in time
  • Shut down and defrost refrigerators and freezers in good time


Mental stress during the move and how to react to it

First, let’s explain why stress means: In any case, you’re already in a situation where your heart is racing, your breath is getting faster, and your muscles are tense. Stress activates some organic areas that make the whole organism fit to survive in a difficult situation. Stress arises above all when one feels insecure and believes that he can not cope with a situation.

Stress is not only felt because of negative emotions. Sometimes positive events can trigger stress. In which situations does this unpleasant feeling arise? A wedding is a positive event, yet it often leads to stressful situations. With a move no matter what are the reasons, often come unexpected difficulties that can trigger the stress. Thoughts like “I can not do that” “I’ve made the right decision,” point out that we feel insecure about the situation that has arisen and that sense of insecurity adversely affects our thoughts and actions.

People who move for the first time are susceptible to such negative emotions because they still lack in experience. In addition, individual psychological conditions also play an important role in developing solutions for an appropriate response in stressful situations.

Depending on the character and personal peculiarities of the people, the burdens can be expressed very differently. The following symptoms are typical symptoms: fatigue, headache, sleep disorders, nervous restlessness, heart problems, stomach problems, and even depression. To calm down, many sufferers often resort to alcohol, cigarettes or food.


Relocation Service

If you move abroad, it is often hard to say goodbye to friends, colleagues, relatives. Building a new circle of friends is a long process that would not be possible overnight. Fortunately, today there is the so-called relocation service, which can do much for your quick integration if needed.

With the help of relocation service, the relocates feel supported far away from their homeland, and they do not experience the phase of parting so painfully. In this way, you can settle in an unknown environment better. The cultural differences are also not to be underestimated, which seem to be easier to master with expert support.

The sense of security comes for everyone in the different time period. One needs more time to adapt to the new environment, and the other does not even experience an adjustment phase.

If you are having trouble getting used to it, it is recommended that you talk about the fears and problems with your friends, relatives, partners or family members.

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