Are you assigned to plan a move to Atlanta or another city of Georgia for a company and are faced with a logistical challenge? With professional move management, the relocation succeeds in no time, and the workflows of your employees are not affected on top of that. If you want to devote to daily business with full commitment, then take advantage of the experience of a relocation manager and enter your company moving to the professionals!

We have summarized for you here which benefits the removal management covers and how you will benefit from them.


What kind of support does a removal manager offer when moving?

The management of a move by a commercial service provider relieves companies and individuals. At the same time, it is associated with higher removal costs.

The term relocation management or facility management in relocations, for example, includes the service of planning, implementing and organizing a move. These can be private and commercial removals. In close consultation with the client, the service provider takes care of all tasks related to the move, offers advice on relocation services and thus relieves the company or the private person.


Preparation and planning of a company move

Before the relocation period, extensive planning is required. Service providers for the dismantling, furniture transport and construction of furniture, packaging material and movers are on the checklist of planning. However, their work processes and day-to-day business are not affected by the preparations. For this purpose, professional providers are planning the employee move meticulously and preparing it thoroughly.


Implementation and coordination of relocation

The planning and preparations are completed and the period of the move begins. In this phase of your relocation, the relocation manager finally takes care of the coordination and controls of all work steps during the relocation. A furniture carrier disassembles, loads, transports and assembles the furniture and the rest of the cargo. If the company transports the items as an additional charge, the costs are correspondingly lower.


What is special about relocation management software?

Practical software solutions for relocations will definitely make your planning easier. The process for relocation management covers the CAD planning and serves as a checklist, scheduler and controlling. The relocation management software is available in the market and part of the portfolio of some moving companies. Help with questions about the software also offers the support of the manufacturer. In short: Based on modern software, you can plan a costly move efficiently, cost-effectively and quickly.


How do I find a good provider for relocation management?

Many moving companies offer in their portfolio the management of removals as a full-service service. Compare therefore different offerers and their achievements, in order to find for themselves the ideal moving partner. A quote provides clarity about the removal costs.

Search, find and compare When making your request to a removal company, pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Experience of the provider in the private and commercial sector
  • References to the previous activity
  • Reviews from other customers
  • Are special services such as software for relocation management, information management and transport of fragile or large objects available?
  • Calculation of removal costs


How do I manage my move myself?

Professional relocation management is definitely a great relief for the persons involved in the relocation of large companies or complex private moves. Small company relocations and private moves will take over with some tips and become your own relocation manager. Planning plays an important role here. Get, for example, in due time the required amount of moving boxes for your move. On the Internet and at promotions in hardware stores and moving shops, you can save a lot of money through an early planning bottom line.

Checklists for the move also help prevent you from forgetting important tasks. With energetic relocation helpers, you can relocate even if you take the planning and execution into your own hands.

Advantages of own relocation management:

  • Savings on the removal costs
  • individual planning according to your own needs possible
  • spontaneous adaptation of the schedule in case of unexpected events
  • Control over all processes of the move

Disadvantages if you manage your move yourself:

  • high time expenditure in planning, organization, and implementation
  • Experience in the field of relocation planning necessary
  • higher costs for service providers
  • lack of time for the core business of your company
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