When moving, any helping hand is welcome. Depending on the budget and scope of the move, you can get professional or private removal help, just for rough or even for the “little move details.” Find out here, where to look for relocation help and what relocation helpers can do and what you should look out for if by relocation help something during the move comes to harm.


Use on a broad front: What can relocation helpers do?

Of course, at first glance relocation helpers are there to carry moving boxes and furniture from the old to the new flat. But have you ever thought that the removal aid could look quite different? For example: 

  • Driving vans: Relocation helpers can drive the moving car if you do not have the appropriate driver’s license yourself.
  • Babysitter: Children want to be busy and distracted from the big moving crowds – the same applies to four-legged friends, who are in the process of moving. Hire a babysitter or pet manager.
  • Food: Moving like this is exhausting and makes you hungry: Engage a “Chef” who takes care of the food for the relocation helpers.
  • Renovation: Do you have a painter in the family or an electrician in the circle of friends? Removal assistance can also mean that you will be helped with upcoming renovations.

No matter what you use for moving assistance: It is important that you have a plan on the moving day, which helpers should be used where. Create teams and appoint responsible persons who might be able to take over part of the organization – for example in the new apartment while you are still working on the last piece of furniture in the old one.


Where can I find moving help?

If it is clear for which tasks you need relocation help, the search starts. Depending on the relocation budget and need, there are several contact points: 

  • Friends and family: the cheapest (free) option – here you can always find zealous cardboard carriers, babysitters or bread lubricators.
  • Online Job Boards: Individuals offer their move help online. Often, these relocation helpers have already made dozens of moves and accordingly exercise in the moving van, build furniture, etc. You will also find renovation helpers here. Online job boards are a cheap but very good way to find relocation help.
  • Comparative online service: In search of craftsmen, you can provide details of your renovation work – several craft businesses will make you an offer without obligation and free of charge.
  • Classifieds and the bulletin board: They still exist, the “classic” search paths. Here help is offered and sought – often directly at universities (students) and in supermarkets (housewives and men).
  • Moving company: If you book the full service, the moving company will provide professional helpers either way – but everyone else can also book individual relocation helpers here. Advantage of the professionals is that the liability is regulated by the company in case of damage.


Private relocation helpers are only liable for additional insurance

If friends help you with the move, the following applies in liability matters: Unpaid relocation is friendly service, it is assumed that there is a tacit liability. In order to be able to prosecute private relocation helpers in the event of damage, you must set up a contract that obliges the assistant to be liable. The helper can then insert an addition to his liability insurance so that the cost of damages incurred during the move. 

If you hire relocation helpers via a job exchange, you can clarify in advance if the helpers have taken out insurance for damages during the move and let them show you.


Request relocation assistance in good time

Those who need help for the move should, first of all, start their search early. This is especially true for volunteers for the move who take the day off and may need to apply for a vacation. But even with the professional removal help, it is advisable to inform yourself already a few weeks before the move.

Because so different providers can be compared, both in terms of price and in terms of their services. Beware of special offers: The staff is probably untrained and poorly paid. Students are usually not trained but have some practical experience. The prices for student help during the move are around 10 to 15 dollars per hour.


What should be considered on the move day?

To ensure that the chaos does not break out on the move day, the relocation helpers should be properly briefed. Here is a plan helpful, which shows which helper is to be used during the move where. Large, strong men ensure the safe transport of heavy furniture, and organizational talents monitor the smooth flow of events.

In addition, a furniture plan with room layout should be hung in the new apartment so that the relocation helpers know where the corresponding items should be parked. Here it is also helpful to label the boxes carefully in advance. So the helpers can move the box into the appropriate room. Also, some materials are essential to help with the move: garbage bags, Edding, tape, lashing straps or a sack truck.

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