When you’re getting ready for your next move, there is a lot to do: packing boxes, organizing vans, looking for relocation helpers. Since it is helpful if at least a part of the tasks is taken over by the professional. Professional removal companies relieve relocating and reduce stress. How to find the right movers services.

Do not feel like dragging the sofa down the stairs? If you do not want to work on your move yourself, you hire someone in your local area to help. Especially if you live in an apartment with several stories, have particularly heavy furniture or do not want to damage your good dresser, this is a great alternative to what’s out there. Good reasons to opt for a moving company:

  • Packing, dismantling, transport, and construction: A movers services handle all the work involved in a move from a single source.
  • Delicate items are packed with the complete service of the moving company: so also grandmother’s porcelain is well received.
  • Less work and stress for relocating: you can do a lot of the work and take care of the rest of the move.
  • Big time savings: The move is faster across the stage, as a well-rehearsed team takes over the work.
  • If the removal company breaks something: Damages are usually insured.


Find Moving Companies That Offer More than Expected

Many moving companies offer far more than just the transport of furniture and boxes: If you put the complete move in the hands of the professionals, you may even be able to claim carpentry and have the furniture adapted to your new home. Upon request, moving companies rebuild the entire facility depending on the scope of services, as it was in the previous home, the removal companies take care of the connection of washing machine and stove, or to paint the walls. Some moving companies also offer other special services and, for example, also carry out the customs formalities for an international move.


Need Somewhere to Store Your Stuff? 

Not all furniture and boxes can always be taken to the new apartment immediately – for example, because the new apartment is not yet vacant or slightly smaller than the old one. Some moving companies, therefore, offer storage as an additional service. If storage is no longer necessary, the client can then easily request his belongings on call.


Carefully Pick the Right Company for Your Needs

If you move, you should not opt for the first relocation offer. It is advisable to obtain cost estimates from several forwarders and to check them carefully. Some contracts could hide costs. Perhaps there are also individual services that make other movers services cheaper, for example, the installation or installation of new furniture. Some moving companies also offer a fixed price.

It is particularly worthwhile hiring a removal company when it comes to moving out of a larger apartment or even a house – the inventory of a 150-square-meter apartment can be transported much more cumbersome with private helpers than the establishment of a student dorm. Movers services also offer themselves when particularly expensive furnishings such as designer furniture or particularly heavy things such as a piano have to be transported.

Especially recommended are removal companies if the new residence is abroad. When selecting the removal company you should pay particular attention in this case that the company knows what to look for when moving abroad: There may be special import conditions or furniture must be stored for shipping overseas in containers. Some movers services also specialize in such moves.


Even among moving companies, there are a few black sheep. Among other things, reputable removal companies are characterized by the fact that all agreed services are included in the cost estimate – from the transport of heavy furniture to the costs for the boxes. Moving people should also check in advance which equipment is needed and what the removal company charges for it. Serious companies clarify in advance how big the apartment is and what needs to be transported.

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