Movers are crowding the market. But how do you find exactly the company among all the providers that bring your move to your new affordable home quickly without any stress involved? 

Simply enter online the most important information about the place of departure and the place of destination as well as other desired services (e.g., kitchen dismantling or furniture construction). Afterward, your request will be forwarded to renowned regional moving companies in your area. They submit you individual movers offer free of charge and without obligation. You then choose in peace the moving company that you like the most.

Moving Services to Consider

For movers, there are no prescribed prices, which is why the price range is quite wide. However, many companies have in common that they offer both standard and complete move, as well as a range of other bookable services.

  • Standard move: Before the day of the move, you’ll be doing the packing and loading all the furniture on your own. The moving company with its qualified team is only responsible for loading and transport. Unpacking and furniture assembly is also at the customer’s disposal, so this is the cheaper option.
  • Complete movers: In this type of move, the movers will take care of packing the boxes, disassembling the furniture, transport including loading and unloading the car, unpacking the boxes and assembling the furniture.
  • Additional services: If you need help with the construction of your furniture or kitchen after a standard move, you can also have this done by trained moving assistants (if the company offers this service). Other services include the setting up of a no-stop zone on the move day or the storage of furniture.

Specifically, the individual services of the movers may vary. However, since you can specify your wishes exactly in our relocation comparison, you will only receive offers from movers that provide the desired services. The small-scale performance comparison you save completely and get your individual request moving service.

Are the movers insured? 

If you hire a moving company, the movers will be liable for any damage to the household effects as well as in the apartment and the stairwell during the period of the move. In the event of damage, however, they have only limited liability and bear the maximum costs of 620 dollars per cubic meter of cargo. With a movers volume of, for example, 20 m 3, the liabilities add up to over $12k  However, valuables and sensitive objects, such as money, jewelry, art, antiques, documents, documents, pets, and plants are excluded. 

if you have expensive porcelain, it may be worth the extra transport insurance, so you will not be left with the costs in case of an emergency. In such a case of damage, the maximum liability sum of the company is quickly exceeded. In addition, the movers come up only for the time value, but not for the new value of the damaged object.


What about self-packed boxes? 

However, caution is advised if you pack yourself and do not hire the moving comp[any because then the company is not liable for damages. This regulation only applies to the mover’s goods packed by the hired movers assistants. When packing in-house, in the event of damage, it is no longer possible to determine whether the damaged household goods had been professionally wrapped up and stowed away or not. Again, transport insurance can provide relief, which also intervenes for not regulated by the movers damage.


Compare relocation costs

A change of residence is not only a time-consuming but also a cost-intensive matter. The amount of the mover’s costs can not be fixed flat rate since three cost points mainly determine these:

  • Size of the apartment/house
  • The distance between the place of departure and the new place of residence
  • Amount of furniture to be transported

Often there are still costs for new furniture added, a deposit and sometimes also a financial expense for renovations in the old dwelling. Thus, a change of residence quickly becomes a significant burden on the household budget.

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