Costs for the move arise through the organization of your change of residence. Even if some of them are unavoidable, a move can be implemented favorably with various relocation tips to choose reasonable movers.

Why Can a Move Cost a Lot? 

The cost of a move falls into different categories. If possible, you should keep an eye on the following relocation costs:

  • Housing costs: Deposit for the new apartment, possibly double rent
  • renovation costs
  • Expenditure for the removal company or moving van and relocation helper
  • Expenditure for moving boxes and packing material
  • Re-registration and registration of the car, identity card, telephone and internet
  • Spending on professional installations and new furniture
  • Expenditure for the tasting of the relocation helpers
  • Other costs (parking fees, forwarding order, etc.)

Some of these costs are unavoidable, and others can be reduced, others are difficult to estimate. In general, it is recommended to obtain and compare several offers for all rental and transport costs. Our Moving Cost Calculator will help you to estimate the costs of moving companies: depending on the size of the apartment and the distance between the old and new apartment, you will receive detailed information about the expenses with our Moving Cost Calculator. In the following, our relocation tips will help you to keep the costs for the move as low as possible.

How Can You Make Your Next Move Cheaper? 

Many people looking to relocate to a new place are afraid of hiring professional movers at a high cost – with the right preparation; however, it can be saved here. It is important that a cost plan is set up first: Here, the movers list all expenses that arise during the move. In addition to the costs of the van and the packaging material, the costs for, for example, the ban on stopping or the renovation are also included.

Once the cost plan has been drawn up, it can then be decided which the movers will commission services. Often, cartons, adhesive tape, and other packaging materials can be lent there. After creating and evaluating the cost plan, it is important to compare different removal companies: Anyone who requests a quote from the individual companies, they can check for their price-performance ratio. With a cheap and at the same time a reputable company the move becomes cheaper. Incidentally, if it is a relatively small household, such as a student apartment, the entire move does not have to be managed by a company.

If some friends or family members are mobilized, a van can be hired at reasonable prices and the move can be carried out on your own. Does not have to be the complete relocation of a company. If some friends or family members are mobilized, a van can be hired at reasonable prices and the move can be carried out on your own. Does not have to be the complete relocation of a company. If some friends or family members are mobilized, a van can be hired at reasonable prices and the move can be carried out on your own.

How to Cut Costs During Your Move

The cost of the privately held relocation, which is often underestimated in planning, includes, among other things, the cost of packing and moving boxes, the rental and travel costs of the moving van, and the costs of helping people. In order to reduce expenses for the moving van, the required load space should be precisely estimated beforehand: Larger vehicles not only cost higher rents but generally also have a higher fuel consumption. Based on the load space and the expected fuel costs, you can compare the offers of various car rental companies.

As far as possible, the move should not take place on the weekend, by the way: Not only do companies often demand a higher rental price at the weekend, but also the range of vehicles is lower, especially at the beginning and end of the month. Most moves are made at the very end of the month or the beginning of a weekend. The mid-month round around the 1st is still very popular. The ideal would be a day in between – for example, a Tuesday the 8th or Thursday the 19th of a month.

Of course, a move-in during the week may be inconvenient because family and friends can not help or you do not want to take a vacation yourself for the move. In many cases, the offers of the movers or car rental companies but on these dates so much cheaper that can expect an extra day of vacation. Make sure you make timely relocation offers! In addition, you should try to take advantage of any discounts and special offers: members of automobile clubs and students often receive discounted rates,

Comparing Moving Companies

Anyone who has opted for the professionally implemented move by movers should spend some time on the comparison of different offers. A more reliable estimate of the cost of the move is possible with a viewing appointment: If the carrier himself has an accurate picture of the expected effort, he can create a reasonable estimate. Saving when moving can also be if certain work is not taken over by the removal company, but by you

Be Sure to Pack Your Furniture & Other Belongings

No question of cost: When moving, you should pack your furniture and valuables safe and secure. Nevertheless, the costs for packaging material and moving boxes can be significantly reduced if you scour about online classifieds for sale or even give away moving boxes.

To deduct the costs of moving for tax purposes

If your move is for work, remember to deduct the removal costs on your next tax return. On the one hand, you can deduct the costs for the moving car or the movers; on the other hand, you can resort to the removal costs. For example, up to $ 600 can be claimed as part of “household services,” the change of residence via a furniture shipping company and is accompanied by a change of location. Any expenses such as transport, brokerage, and travel expenses can be deducted as income-related expenses for a move for professional reasons. Even if the new apartment moved in late or the lease of the old apartment could not be terminated in time, 

Saving on Renovations After You Move In

Even when renovating the move can be cheaper because some clauses in the lease are usually invalid. In any case, the renter must remove all internals for which he is responsible; this ranges from the fitted kitchen to the self-laid laminate floor – unless the landlord decides that the fixtures can remain. Likewise, defects and damages caused by the renter during the rental period must be repaired.

It makes sense, therefore, always set up a transfer protocol with all existing damage before moving into an apartment. For beauty repairs – such as wallpapering and painting – now neither rigid deadlines nor spongy formulations may be used in the lease. Here should always be judged according to the situation.

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