Georgia legislation provides tax relief for both private and professional moving services. Private relocation costs can be claimed as a household-related service. 20 percent of a maximum of $20,000 are allowed, i.e., $4,000. The prerequisite is that you receive a proper invoice and settle the invoice amount by bank transfer. Cash against receipt is not recognized.

Deduct Professionally Related Removal Costs Tax

If you’re moving for professional reasons, you can claim the full cost of the costs. As reasons include:

  • A shorter way to work
  • Change of job
  • Better working conditions
  • Return from abroad

In accordance with federal rules and regulations, you can state the following positions in your tax return:

  • Transport expenses: The expenses of your moving goods from the previous to the new apartment, including any motorway fees and the transport insurance.
  • Travel expenses to the new place of residence: together with an accompanying person as well as the costs for search and inspection of the new dwelling.
  • Rent compensation for a maximum of 6 months, if you have to pay the rent for the old apartment due to existing notice periods in addition to the rent of the new apartment.
  • Rent for the new apartment for a maximum of 3 months, if you can not live in the new apartment yet.
  • Apartment brokerage fees: The local realtor brokerage for flat and garage. However, if you buy a property, you can not deduct these costs.
  • Expenses for stove and ovens, if not available, but necessary.


Save relocation costs

Find the cheapest removal company with an online comparison of regional companies. Inquiry and quotation are completely free and without obligation. The cost estimate provided helps you better plan the costs of moving.

In order to be protected from sudden changes in the price of the removal company, it makes sense to agree a flat rate. If an hourly rate is used and the truck is stuck in traffic on the motorway, unnecessary costs are incurred.


Note appointment selection

Especially popular as a move date are the beginning of the month, the middle of the month and the end of the month, as the leases end or start at this time. If you make an appointment with the moving company of your choice between the 6th and 13th or 18th and 24th of the month, you often benefit from lower prices. In addition, weekend appointments are usually more expensive than relocations that take place during the week.


Check contracts

Use your move to switch to a cheaper provider for electricity, gas, and Internet (DSL or cable). Comparison and change are done quickly online.


Practical tips for relaxed changing

To make your move even easier, we have put together a few tips for moving you.

Special leave on relocation

Ask your employer for the possibility to request special leave for your move. This usually gives you an extra day or two to complete your move. However, there is no legal entitlement to special leave on relocation.

Apply for a no-hold zone

So that the furniture loader can stand directly in front of your house and save yourself unnecessary meters of travel, apply for a corresponding no-hold zone in front of old and new apartments at least 14 days before the move date – unless you have booked this service with a removal company. Request with your local traffic authority; the fees vary depending on the community.

Dump the flat

Anyone who clears out their home before moving quickly will save on both the amount of boxes and the size of the truck that the moving company is providing. The loading and unloading and possibly also the unpacking and building by the company take less time and relocation assistance, and you save money.

Pack moving boxes

You bypass the cost factor of moving boxes when you ask for empty packing boxes at companies in your area. As these are usually recycled, they are often given away for free. They are also available in the regional press in the section “Miscellaneous.” And so are moving boxes packed:

  • Do not fill boxes with the brim
  • Maximum weight of a box: 20 kg
  • Rule of thumb: Below the weight, above the light
  • Always fill books and dishes up to half full, top up the rest of the box with light things
  • Carefully shake it to see if dishes can slip and pad gaps if necessary
  • Avoid wrapping newsprint because the ink can rub off
  • Keep grip holes clear
  • Label boxes with destination space
  • Get Your Quote Within a Few Minutes