Whenever we think of moving somewhere, it’s easy to think more about moving heavy furniture and objects around, or that precious figurine collection you might have. You’ve probably already done a lot of work making sure any cardboard boxes and newspapers have been stashed away, where a lot of pesky critters can make their home in. 

An afterthought which people have when wanting to make a move is how they should move their appliances. They may seem heavier and sturdier, but accidents can happen, and even these objects can break or scratch. It’s like hauling around gigantic tanks, but they still need maintenance and care to really make them last. 

Here’s everything you need to know to keep these appliances safe and sound as you’re making your move! Hopefully, you will also be surprised at how much you can do on your end to help your local Metro Atlanta mover too. 

Moving Appliances: Precautions to Take


When moving this bad boy around, you have to make sure all the ice is emptied as well as defrosted, especially those glass shelves. Check to see that the refrigerator doors have been sealed tight, so nothing falls out during the move. It’s a good idea to get some kind of adhesive to keep those doors completely shut. Then after you’ve arrived to your destination, you can remove the tape or whatever else you used to prevent the door from opening.

Modern refrigerators are fragile because of their electronic components. Make sure the unit remains vertical by moving and transporting to preserve the engine.

Washing Machine

Leave your washing machine empty and keep the drum lock with transport clamps. Then, disconnect it and let the water run out of the drain hose just to be sure. 

Traditional Oven

Remove the cooking grids and dishes from your oven before moving. Remove the dishes and pie plates from the drawer as well. The Achilles heel of the oven is its glass facade, which can be quite fragile. You can protect it with cardboard and adhesive to keep it nice and safe. 

You’ll run into similar issues when handling your microwave oven, especially since it has problems with both its door and turntable, which could break during your move if you didn’t take the right precautions. 

Your TV and Computer

Even now, many people still love watching their favorite shows on TV. Don’t want to miss that latest episode of Game of Thrones or want to catch up on the Super Bowl? Really make sure your TV is protected with a cardboard box and blanket over it. The last thing you want is to show up at your new home or apartment with a very expensive item like this broken and shattered to bits. Likewise with your computer, especially if you’re the type who works from home. Even better if you still have the original boxes where you bought them. 

Other Crucial Appliance Moving Tips

For all these devices, it is recommended to secure the hoses and electrical cables with adhesive, so you won’t trip or fall over them. We wouldn’t want you to suffer during your move. Better yet, there’s always a professional mover who’s willing to help you out there. 

Preparing your kitchen appliances for a move can be a slow and physically exhausting process if you don’t take the time to think of a good plan ahead of time. Here’s some other stuff you need to know before moving heavy appliances to your new home! 

1. Always Clean Your Appliances Before Moving Out

Take the time to clean everything thoroughly before you move. That means clean any dust you find on your appliances. If you have any ovens or stoves, pay extra attention to all the grime and build-up inside. Not only will this save you work when you arrive, but your move will be much faster and be far less stressful. 

2. Know When You Need Help

There’s so much you can do yourself when it comes to moving your appliances, but in most cases, you probably want to call someone who knows what they’re doing. It can be very dangerous to try to move the heavier stuff on your own. At Big T Moving & Delivery, we have over 10 years of experience moving heavy items like these and will always keep you safe too! 

Don’t Forget These Other Essentials! 

It is advisable to pack in a separate box well-highlighted items that you will use until the move or directly when you arrive. A small amount of cutlery and crockery, some kitchenware and basic cleaning items is usually the most common.

As well as being able to enjoy a soft drink or a meal as soon as you arrive, you can toast your arrival to a new home with a drink, in which case, remember the glasses and the corkscrew! It is also a good idea to have a knife handy to open the rest of your boxes, and matches, candles and a couple of rolls of toilet paper or kitchen paper, just in case.

Ideally, you should move this box full of essential items in your own vehicle instead of loading it in the moving vehicle, so you can so it will be delivered as soon as it arrives. If you need any more help with moving out, give our experts at Big T a call at 404-312-3610 or email our team at [email protected] today! 

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