There are several moments in life when we can face a big problem with lack of space. Maybe you are doing a reform at home, and a new member has arrived at the family, you are making a move at home, you move in the office and do not know where to store the material … Whether for any of these reasons or because you just do not feel like it gets rid of some of your things even though you no longer use them, the answer may be to hire furniture movers service.

Professional furniture movers will give you back that space that you need so much and that you can not find at home. And as you can hire during the time you want, it will give you the time you need to organize, or you can even have it indefinitely if you prefer. The key to making the most of this service is order and organization. Therefore, in this post, we bring you several tips, so you know how to organize a furniture repository and thus make the most of the entire space. Does it sound good? Well, keep reading.

10 Tips for Organizing a Furniture Move

In a furniture repository, you can store a large number of objects. Of course, you can store your furniture, but you can also use it to store things like tools, sports equipment, decoration, dinnerware, seasonal clothing … The key is to organize well and take advantage of the space.

These are our tips to organize your furniture repository in the best way:

  1. Before setting out to find the right company, perhaps you should consider doing a general cleaning of everything you do not need or want. Sometimes we keep things for the simple fact that we have not taken a moment to review everything we have, but they are things that we do not even need or like. Therefore, try to take that moment and check all your belongings. Give, recycle or throw everything you do not want and evaluate if you still lack space. If so, then yes it may be time to hire people who understand how to keep your belongings as safe and sound as possible. 
  2. Make a list of all the things you are going to keep and where you put them. This way you will find everything much more easily, and you will avoid losing your objects. You may be lazy, but it is worth investing a little time in inventory.
  3. If there’s something, you think you’ll need in a shorter period of time, leave it more at hand in these movers. If not, you will have to move all the boxes when you want to take it, and it will take you much longer to find it.
  4. Use quality packaging material. This will prevent it from breaking and will take better care of your belongings. For example, it uses bubble paper rather than newspaper because the newspaper can lose ink and stain. Also, use quality boxes so that they do not deform excessively with the weight.
  5. If you’re going to hire long-term, maybe you should consider putting shelves or cabinets in your storage. They will help you gain space, especially if you are going to store clothes. Yes, use shelves and cabinets that are resistant to support the weight well.
  6. Keep weight things in small boxes. If you make a very large and very heavy box, it will cost you a lot to move it and manipulate it later. Also, if you are going to make a tower of boxes, put the heaviest ones at the bottom so that they can support the weight of the others.
  7. Classify the objects and label. Store toys with toys, clothing with clothes, tools with tools … And also, label each container with a note indicating its content. This way it will be much easier for you to organize and find everything.
  8. When you go to organize the clothes in your furniture moving, sort the clothes by seasons and make sure you keep them dry, so they do not get wet and spoil. This way you can make the wardrobe change more easily when the time comes, and it will be in good condition. Also, if you are going to store clothes for a long period of time, use moth-proofer to protect it.
  9. Fill the boxes well and seal them. This will make them more resistant, but be careful if they contain objects that you will need frequently. Those boxes better leave them open without much weight on top so you can access them easily.
  10. Do not store dangerous, flammable or explosive chemical products. Also, keep electronic devices without a battery. If not, they could be damaged over time.



The reasons for hiring furniture movers service are many. This can save you from more than one trouble or two. Sometimes we lack space for some circumstance, and this service can help us recover that space that we need so much.

With the advice we have shared with you we are sure that you will know how to organize furniture move in the most efficient way taking advantage of all the space.


And as a piece of last advice, we would like to recommend that you look for a professional and trustworthy company to hire this service. For example, in Big T we offer security and fast services in our furniture moving, so you have the maximum peace of mind that your things are safe. Looking for a service like this you will gain space and security.

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