Company moving is a big event that would not be possible without preliminary planning. You have to think about it in advance and start early enough with the preparation.

To make sure everything runs smoothly, it is recommended that you create a checklist in good time, which is followed carefully during the entire period. Only in this way can you keep everything under control and not forget important tasks.

In this article, we facilitate you in the creation of a checklist. Here are some tips and tips that you can add to your list.


Step 1. Find the best moving service

A company move is usually a big challenge, which is hard to realize without professional help. You have to be informed in advance about a good moving company that offers suitable for the activity of the company moving service.

If the company has to transport specific thing, you have to let the appropriate moving company know enough about it early enough.

A specialized removal company can make your relocation much easier and enables you to return to your daily routine quickly.

Most professional packers have tools that make it easy to transport large desks and sensitive computer equipment.

So every employer can safely transport furniture and technology to their destination without worry.

For the whole organization, it is very important to set the date in advance. That is a perfect organizational basis.

In this way, you can schedule other important tasks and business appointments in good time.


Step 2. Packaging materials are an important part of every move

It depends on the needs of the relocating company, whether it provides moving materials, or instead needs professional help. A move does not just mean the transport of furniture and computers.

You can discuss the details of the move with an important moving company and request additional services. You can buy the packaging material yourself, or the responsible removal company will provide you with such. It’s all a matter of negotiation.

In order for everything to be smooth on the move day and the days after that, you definitely have to carry out an inventory. All furniture and moving goods should be labeled.

What else is important for a normal company move. It would be best if you definitely had moving boxes, bubble wrap, wrapping paper. Better use qualitative packaging materials. For example, moving boxes must be stable enough in any case, so that no problems arise during transport.

For safety reasons, you better choose moving boxes with higher load capacity. On the market, you will find book boxes, which have a special quality. It is better to have more costs in this connection than to create problems during the move.

Do not neglect the labeling of the box. This allows you to arrange things in the new office quickly.


Step 3. Do not forget to re-register

The transfers are an important part of every move that needs to be done on time. Also, remember to tell the new address to business partners, customers, banks, insurance companies, and government agencies. So you can also make the appropriate changes and successfully continue contacts with you.

In any case, you should notify the following institutions:

  • Business partner
  • regular customers
  • banks
  • authorities
  • Insurance
  • utilities
  • Telephone and Internet providers

To keep your business papers up to date, you should make the appropriate address changes. If your company has a website, be sure to correct the address. Consider the entries in online directories (yellow pages).

If the company uses stationery, it should be changed. All sorts of office supplies (company stamps, promotional materials) should also be updated. And not least the company stamp has to designate the current address.

Also update the company’s information on Facebook, Google+, etc.


Step 4. Prevent storage

Depending on the activity of the company and the time required for the move, it may turn out that the company needs storage space. The storage of the goods to be moved must be organized early enough.

It is important to have an overview of all the property and to plan in advance what things should stay in the warehouse for a while.


Step 5. Create room plans and place instructions on each piece of furniture

In order for everything to be smooth on the move day and the days after that, you definitely have to carry out an inventory. All furniture and moving goods should be labeled. Room plans and instructions for each piece of furniture are recommended.

This makes the relocation helpers work faster and more efficiently.

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