Because mobility is something completely normal these days, more and more companies are choosing to relocate. This is often a strategic course of action that can lead to multiple successes and positive effects.

A change of location affects the whole process of work and brings many news and developments. A move is often associated with the growth of the company or for financial reasons.

In any case, this is a difficult situation because the functionality of the business model of the company must be limited for some time. The company move is a difficult mechanism that needs to be precisely assessed and planned.

Before the company management decides to move, it has to ask itself an important question and what do you expect after the move, which are the goals to be met.

This is an important starting point, which should not underestimate the management when it comes to a move. The goal makes the whole organization easier and leads to fewer mistakes during the entire move process.

With this post, we try to define the most common reasons for a company move. In this way, we want to make it easier for the management to structure the planning for the upcoming move.


The growth of a company

A good sign of prosperity is the growth of the company. New employees are coming more and more, and there is no room for new desks in the room.

This is a clear sign that the company premises are already too narrow to offer all employees a functional workplace. Then there is no choice but to give the management thoughts for a new office.

Moving is the best opportunity to develop new rules in the new office, which can lead to better work performance. The management can also think in this direction and organize collections before the move, whereby the rule can be discussed in the new office.

Everyone wants a comfortable workplace, where they feel comfortable. That is why it is recommended that the employer make an effort and create a modern, friendly atmosphere for his employees.


Optimize and beautify office space

At the workplace, you spend about 9 hours a day. Everyone wants a comfortable workplace, where they feel comfortable. That is why it is recommended that the employer make an effort and creates a modern, friendly atmosphere for his employees. Depending on the activity of the company, every employer can furnish the rooms with all the necessary conveniences and comfort.


Organize a company moves to optimize running costs

A move is organized not only because of the growth of the company. It often happens that workplaces are not well organized. The office rooms can sometimes be well-optimized, so you can have a relocation done to reduce running costs.


The lease ends

The management may have decided to move because the lease expires. Now is the best opportunity to search for a better variant.

Maybe there is cheaper and more comfortable office space that offers better options. By relocating, you can find more modern office space where employees can feel better and have better performance.


A company move must be planned in advance

If the management has decided to move, it usually asks the following 4 key questions:

  • What do the new premises look like? Are they functional enough? How many jobs can you set up?
  • Is the new location practical enough according to the activity of the company? There are parking spaces nearby where staff and possibly customers can park. Are the transport connections good? Is there a way for employees to have lunch?
  • Relocation helpers and craftsmen must be commissioned to realize the entire relocation.

What do you have to consider in a company relocation? First and foremost, think about whether the infrastructure in both buildings is the same. If this is not the case, unfortunately, it can come to great difficulties if you do not bother in advance to make a good plan.

If the management hires professional packers, the move is less stressful. It would help if you did not think for many details. For example, if there are enough connections to computer and technology, if the staircase is too narrow, etc.


Customers, employees, and offices should also be informed in good time about the upcoming move

Inform your customers in good time about the relocation. The address changes should notify you everywhere. Plan new current business cards, change the address information on the website, you should also change the stamp. Be sure to update wherever your address is.

Employees should also be informed in good time about the upcoming office change. If the move is outside the city, you should know at least 3 months in advance. Not all employees probably have a desire to move. It would be best if you had enough time to find new work.

Offices should also be informed about the upcoming move (tax office, trade office, tax consultants, lawyers, insurance companies, banks).


What you have to consider in company relocation

The specialist best transports valuable furniture and computer equipment.

If the employees are also on the move day, you should also create a plan for you. They need to be fed throughout the day and keep in a good mood. A delicious meal and beautiful music motivate you in addition.

Allow a little more time to complete the move that is necessary. Feel like you’re done earlier than not getting the job done on time.


Company relocation with moving companies

Especially if your business has specifications, it makes sense to hire a moving company that has the necessary qualifications. The relocation projects that require specific know-how, specific planning, and special handling include, for example, clinic moves, laboratory moves, IT relocations, library moves/archive moves, art transports, machine transports

For example, the following relocation services are to be offered for an IT relocation:

  • Removal and reinstallation of the IT components
  • cable management
  • Functional tests at the new location
  • Transport your server
  • Server Enable / reinstallation
  • Cleaning the computer equipment

The service is not complete. Depending on the industry, depending on the company, of course, further specific clarifications have to be made.

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