With proper preparation, the upcoming move does not have to be stressful. In this article, you will find tips to choose the right commercial movers for you.

You want to move, but do not know if you can do it all on your own? Do you have enough hands with your job and your children and want to make a move as relaxed as possible? Wearing heavy boxes causes you back pain, and you want to relieve yourself? – All good reasons to start looking for good commercial movers!

We show you which criteria you should pay attention to and which services are commercial movers offer. Anyone who thinks in advance and knows what requirements a moving company should fulfill can easily find a suitable moving company.

Alternatively, do you already know what to do? Then you can make your move now without obligation and compare offers from valued craftsmen as quickly as possible.


By commercial movers

First and foremost, a reinsurance company should transport your belongings safely and reliably. However, there is no training as a removal specialist. Often employees of removal companies have completed training in other craft professions, for example as a carpenter, carpenter or fitter. – Can, which can certainly be useful in a move. There are also training for commercial movers, for example from the Swiss Commercial Vehicle Association ASTAG. This offers, among other things, training in the following areas:

  • Moving preparations, transport and carrying technology
  • Training as a team leader in the moving area
  • packaging

However, relocation helpers basically learn their craft directly from the employer, so to speak as “learning by doing.” Of course, with good commercial movers, you can count on professional handling of your move!


You can also pay attention to these services

At the center of a move is furniture transport. Often commercial movers are hired because of the heavy furniture. In addition to pure furniture transport, a good reinsurance company should offer even more services, pay attention!

Not always is bright sunshine if you want to move. Does the removal company provide protective measures for the transport of your goods? Good companies should guarantee this.

Despite all precautions, your property may be damaged during the move. Commercial movers should definitely be insured for it so that you could be compensated accordingly!

Dangerous goods, such as gas cylinders, must be transported professionally. A moving company should be adequately equipped and well-versed.

Some moving companies offer the so-called full-service move. The company will take care of this and any additional work that can greatly simplify the organization of the change of residence. For example:

  • Obtaining the right moving material after consultation with the client – so you! These include moving boxes, a special protective material for sensitive goods (computer, porcelain …)
  • The planning and organization of the move days
  • Determining the time frame so that the furniture can be transported on time. The times for the journeys, the loading, and unloading of the furniture, the mounting and reserve time for possible customer requests are considered. Not every wall unit and cabinet fits right where it or he is intended.
  • Applying for a parking space for the removal car in no- parking areas


This will give you the most accurate offer possible

Have your apartment inspected before curbing by the removal company. So questions can be clarified, and the expected costs can be better assessed. 

In the offer can be additional requests, such as the disassembly and assembly of furniture and so on. Things that make special means of transport necessary can also be included in the offer. Only then, for example, will your piano get its place in the new home!

Last but not least, many commercial movers sell packaging material for self-organized removals.

If for some reason everything is not going to be moved, some reins companies offer storage facilities. If you need it, you should definitely include this point in the quote request.


A good pre-planning leaves unpleasant surprises no chance

Before you start looking for the right commercial movers, you should know exactly what requirements you would like to make, especially with online offers. Depending on the size of the household, a company can, for example, help you with a professional cleaning job. Therefore, take the time to plan your move in detail and do preparatory work. It is worth it! Not only for your nerves but also your purse. 

Before moving, you can do the following:

  1. Set the appropriate date and departure time.
  2. Sort out in advance what should not be moved. When everything unnecessary is transported to the new home, you have twice as much to work in. If you get more than you expected, a clear-out service can take care of your disposal.
  3. Organize help for dismantling the furniture, if necessary.
  4. Check the parking facilities on site.

This information can be included in the offer, so the offer is adapted to your needs.


What are the costs for you?

First of all: to pay the total costs in advance is not advisable. If the reins have gone to your satisfaction with all agreed services on the stage, the total is due. Find out more about the costs of a move.

Thanks to the Big T rating system, you can benefit from the experience of past customers by reviewing their reviews of the company. In addition, a reputable company answers your questions immediately. – Even those that affect the costs.

The prices for removals are as individual as the different apartments. These factors mainly cause the costs:

  • The volume of furniture and household items
  • Size of transport vehicles
  • Number of relocation helpers
  • working hours
  • Arrival and removal of the move destination
  • Required device (crane, container, etc.)
  • Heavy-duty surcharge (pianos, safes, etc.)


Let’s go, pack your move!

You now know what to look for when looking for commercial movers. At Big T you can quickly see our customers feedback on our moving services. Good luck in your new home!

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