The move is a step that you must not lose sight of in the process of when it comes to buying a house or a department, because once the contract is signed, you must do everything possible to have your belongings sent to your new home.

Hiring qualified Metro Atlanta movers are essential to carry out this work. In this way, you guarantee that your belongings will be transported properly and with the security you need. Also, you avoid the effort of moving heavy objects yourself.

In Atlanta, Georgia, there are a wide variety of movers that offer different services: local, national and even international moving services. To choose the one that can provide the best service according to your needs, take into account the following recommendations.


Ask for Quotes

There are several aspects that are taken into account within a quote: the distance of the move, the size, and weight of the objects; the amount of fragile items, the level of the floor where the objects will move, the date of moving, among others.

To make sure you make the right decision, request between 3 and 5 quotes and provide in detail all the information that is required to determine the cost of the move.


Learn About the Company

Finding businesses that offer you the service of “freight” is simple; however, this does not guarantee that your belongings travel in the best conditions. Before hiring movers, confirm that the company – in addition to having experience in the area – complies with the regulations established by the following laws:

  • Law of Roads, Bridges, and Federal Motor Carrier.
  • Law of General Communication Roads.
  • Traffic Regulation in Federal Roads.
  • Federal Autotransport Regulations and Related Services.

Likewise, the company must provide you with the following information in the contract:

  • Name or Social reason.
  • Vendor address and operation identification.
  • Transportation guarantees.
  • Price and payment methods accepted.


Find recommendations

The social networks of the movers are an excellent resource to obtain references; in these, you will find comments from clients who have already contracted their services.

Similarly, you can ask in groups, as well as family and friends about their experiences with other services, such as shared removals.


Investigate Insurance

Unfortunately, movers usually only cover faults that may arise at home and not the loss or damage that your belongings suffer on the road.

Although the movers hire cargo insurance that protects them from loss and material damage during the transfer of goods, the coverage for the customer of these is minimal. Therefore, it is important that you acquire insurance that protects your assets outside your home.

In the market, there is comprehensive home insurance that protects your assets and belongings regardless of their location.


Read the Contract

Before signing, carefully read each of the clauses of the contract and make sure you agree on each one of them. There are companies that usually give you a moving fee and then increase it without clarifying the reasons, so you should verify in the contract in which cases this clause applies and what the extra amount is.

Make sure you get a copy of it and take it with you on the day of the move in case of inconvenience.


Most common problems you should avoid when hiring a local moving company

These are some of the most common problems that tend to occur, be careful not to fall into them:

  • The contract and the quote do not specify what the movers include.
  • The company does not have a registration with the Ministry of Communications and Transportation.
  • There is no clause that specifies the extra cost for certain services.
  • The company does not provide information on the insurance and guarantees of the service.
  • There is no contract or quotation in writing.
  • The prices are below the other companies.
  • There has not been a previous visit to the house to establish the final budget.

Take into account that, in order to have results without problems, the process of moving preferably should start six weeks before the selected date, so you will have enough time to investigate calmly and make the best decision for this great change in your life.

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