A move is a perfect occasion for optimism. You can start a new life – a life with real hope for a better future. A move gives you, among other things, the opportunity to reduce costs in various areas (electricity and gas supply, etc.) that are often underestimated. For a better start to the new place of residence, however, you have to prepare well in advance and inform yourself in good time about the various possibilities. In the following article, we have summarized some ideas for you that can help you to move, not to miss optimizations in the various areas of living during the move.


Switch electricity providers during the move and reduce costs

Move, you should look in time for a cheap electricity provider because anyone who changes the electricity supplier within the contractual deadlines when moving can save a lot of money.

Many people are unaware of the fact that there are no power differences. Electricity is simply electricity – there is no faster or more qualitative electricity. There are only many electricity providers who distribute different electricity tariffs.

Often one asks the question: “Am I obliged to take the power contract?”. If you have a contract with the primary supplier, then you have the right to terminate with two weeks. But if you have a term contract with an alternative electricity provider, you must read the terms and conditions of the provider. In any case, you will find there a so-called removal clause. So a move is usually defined as a contract-resolving condition. The contract will not automatically be canceled in this case, but the customer has to do it.

If the move is within the network area, the provider may request a further delivery. But if the move outside the network area, the customer has the right to terminate the contract or dissolve.

If the customer wants to keep his old contract, he must inform the electricity supplier at least six weeks before the planned move. But this would only be possible if the new residence is located in the delivery area of the provider.

When moving, you should definitely check the fares in the new region. Maybe there is a cheaper version. In order to be able to react to it, one must, of course, inform about it in time. Consider the fact that changing the electricity or gas provider can result in significant savings.

What should you consider when choosing new electricity providers:

  • The monthly costs
  • Duration of the contract
  • The type of payment
  • Compare also the service of different providers

Mostly you do not need to pay for the change. In principle, the new provider even does the termination for you at the previous provider and gives you information from what time you will be supplied.

Do not forget to notice deadlines!


Internet and telephone – change providers when moving

Even if you are satisfied with your previous provider, it is worth a tariff comparison. Because often there are local providers who can offer you a cheap option. Compare not only the monthly rates but also the services offered because it may turn out that the new provider, eg, offers a faster internet connection.

Telephone and internet should be announced in time

Note that often Internet and telephone providers have quite long notice periods. Here it is also the rule that the new provider takes over the termination of the old Internet and telephone line. Also, find out if your new provider has special offers in case of a long notice period of the old provider.


When moving you can also reduce costs

How can you save on moving costs?

  • Maybe in your city, there are exchanges for relocation helpers. There, especially students offer energetic support at affordable prices.
  • Relocations in winter and spring are cheaper.
  • If you plan your move about 3 months in advance, you often get a discount for it.
  • Moving to own direction also leads to money-saving during the move.
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