Affordable movers are not only a huge organizational effort, but they also go into the money. Therefore, more and more people are opting to have their move done by an affordable moving company in the Metro Atlanta area. 

How to find an affordable mover around you?

The advantages of a moving company are obvious: You do not have to find relocation helpers, rent a van and the liability is assumed by someone else. It is worthwhile to compare the prices in order to get a good and at the same time a favorable offer. If you want to find a suitable moving company with an optimal price-performance ratio, you should try it on the internet. On our page, you can find in the comparison computer with just a few mouse clicks a suitable moving company.


What factors affect the price of the move?

The prices for a move with a company depend on various factors. These are primarily:

  • the size of the apartment
  • the number of residents
  • the volume of the entire facility
  • as a result, the size of the required moving car
  • the number of relocation helpers needed and the amount of work involved
  • the distance to the new place
  • any additional charges for stop signs, lifts or packaging material


What tasks are professional movers able to take on? 

Before the search can begin, you should consider what services the moving company should take over. Would you like a complete move, also known as a standard move, in which you do not have to pack or assemble or disassemble furniture, or are you just going to transport your already packed items? Depending on the desired scope of services, the prices might change substantially, so perform your due diligence in these situations. 


Why it’s worth comparing offers

It makes sense to compare prices at several moving companies. Since there are no fixed costs, the effort can vary greatly. Mostly it is worthwhile to agree on a fixed price. This includes all agreed services and saves expensive surprises. If, for example, the moving car is stuck in a traffic jam, you must pay with an hourly billing for this time. This can be an expensive undertaking, especially in large cities. In a complete offer, such risks are already included, and any miscalculations of the moving company are not at your expense.


So you can save on the change of residence

Cheaper can be a move if the possibility of the additional load is used. If an existing transport still has capacity available, it can often be used. This reduces transport costs for all concerned. Sometimes moving companies calculate prices for the use of empty runs. Again, this can be financially worthwhile but usually reduces the time flexibility. For example, if a moving van goes from Alpharetta to Atlanta to invite a household and transport it to Alpharetta, the empty journey from Alpharetta to Atlanta can be used for another move.


Who is liable if something breaks?

If you sign up, instead of doing everything on your own, you are not liable for damage to your household effects, but the responsible company. In addition, transport insurance may be worthwhile because moving companies have to pay a certain amount per cubic meter. Valuables and jewelry must be insured separately.


Three standard offers to look at

Completely affordable and cheap

You announce the move, the place of entry and departure and the date, and the remainder is done by the moving company. In this case, trained forwarding agents package everything in moving boxes, dismantle the furniture, load, drive and unload the moving van and, as it were, set up your new apartment. On request, the moving company even takes care of a no-stop zone at the point of departure and entry. Certainly, this is not the cheapest service of a moving company – but can be worthwhile depending on the distance and time frame. And most importantly, you are fully insured for damage during your move. 

The standard move

For most relocations, the customer himself takes care of packing and unpacking the moving boxes and dismantling and rebuilding the furniture. The moving company loads boxes and furniture and transports you to the new apartment. In individual cases, these moving professionals providing their services at a low cost can also help with the dismantling of the furniture if desired or you can also remove other parts of the move. Due to the division of labor between you and the moving company, this standard move is also often referred to as partial affordable movers and compared to the complete move cheaper but also more time-consuming.  

The extra charge

If you want to carry out your move completely independently, only a large, bulky piece of furniture – such as an aquarium or a piano – can not be transported by yourself, you can book an additional load at a moving company. Your items are carried in moving vehicles, which have already been booked for another move, but where there is still room. Thus, the Umzugsservice Beiladung not only correspondingly cheap but also environmentally friendly, since empty runs are avoided.

Incidentally, you can conveniently query and compare non-binding relocation offers for all three types of service online.


The alternative: Relocation service for the do-it-yourself move

If you only want to have a part of the move done by a company or if you want to move completely on your own, there are important relocation needs that you need to take care of. An overview of the most important relocation service you can / should use in self-organized relocation: 

  • Cardboard shops: Order and deliver packing boxes – of course, there are also wrapping paper and adhesive tape
  • Car Hire: rent a moving van
  • Service providers who set up an official ban on the move
  • Job boards, where you can hire moving supplies
  • Coordinate schedules, appointments, and settlements via relocation calendar
  • Get Your Quote Within a Few Minutes