On the Internet, you can already find many useful tips on the topic of relocation. But in this post, we’d like to provide you with practical ideas that you have not read anywhere before. We answer you to the questions: “Moving to self-direction or organize with a professional packer?”, “How can I find a serious forwarding agent?”, “What does my move cost?”, “Gut feeling, you have to rely on it, if for a move?” and many others. Take this time to read this article because you will find new tips that you can add to your move checklist.


1. My move is not too big. I can organize everything myself and ask friends for help and support

You made the decision to organize your move yourself. It is still worthwhile, however, to obtain several offers in order to find out about the opinion of the professional packers about your move. The offers are free and committed to nothing. Compare them and note the following information:

  • The number of professional packers offered
  • Moving scope
  • Offered moving van

The offers are your guide, and if you get two of the same from different providers, you will learn the very specific parameters of your place of residence.

If you have an offer that you need 5 professional packers for your move, you better hire moving companies, even though you’ve already invited friends.

Especially if you move for the first time, it is difficult for him to estimate the extent of the move correctly.


2. Yellow Pages can help you choose the right moving company

If you want to engage professional packers for your move, you have to find a reputable moving company in advance.

The following tips will help you:

  • Read relocation reviews to find out about the reputation of the company.
  • Ask your friends and colleagues. Maybe you already have experience with it.
  • The business directory is also a very good way to check the seriousness of a moving company. And not by the current business directory, but you need one of about 10 years ago. If you receive an offer from a freight forwarder that existed 10 years ago, that’s a good sign. Because today there are moving companies like sand on the sea, and often many disappear from the market even after the first year of its existence.
  • A moving company that has no landline connection is questionable.
  • Use Google Earth or Google Maps and see if there are office buildings or even trucks at the specified address.


3. How much is my move?

Anyone who moves in a few months would like to know how much you have to spend on his move. What are the pricing factors?

  • The distance – loading unloading point;
  • Moving circumference;
  • Additional services.

There are many details that influence pricing. The scope of removal can best be estimated on site. Almost all moving companies offer a free preview. So you can estimate the amount of removal, the distance and any difficulties (e.g., no elevator, remote parking) better. Employees can also get this overview if they provide detailed information about their mobiles via telephone or the Internet. But do not trust the vendors who claim to be able to create a prize without getting an overview.

Even if you organize a move to self-direction, the cost varies depending on needs and desires. The prices of the packaging materials vary, and the rental prices for trucks vary by region. Friends help with the work involved. You actually have to be fed a bit.


4. Where can I find the perfect moving company for my move?

Not always the local moving company is the cheapest option for your move. There is a possibility that is called by- invitation.

If a moving van, who’s loading area, is not fully utilized, through your city you are lucky because you can transport your moving goods for little money.

You can not use the additional load for very urgent cases, as this is bound to date requirements. Shipments of these species are dependent on other moves already planned, and it may be necessary to wait several days.

But if you are not in a hurry, the cargo transport is perfect. Compare several offers to find out about prices and services. Depending on your wishes, transport companies often take on the loading and unloading of the goods to be moved.

For this variant, you can use the services of forwarders who are not exactly from your region. That’s why you get offers not only from the destination but from the whole country. For those who travel empty is happy when he stops on the way to a smaller city and performs a cargo. There is also a good price.

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