A move means above all a lot of money. For example, for a family of 4, relocating costs an average of more than $ 5,000. This is not too big a sum, but not everyone has the opportunity or simply wants to spend so much for the planned move. In the following article, you will find useful tips on how to save money when moving.


1. Order moving company or move on your own

The benefits of moving with a moving company are a lot, but if you want to save money, you can organize the move yourself.
In this case, you need the help of friends and relatives. A move to-house is a very arduous and time-consuming task, and without the support of helpers, you do not make it. Therefore, inform your friends early enough about the move date so they can tell you in time if they can attend.

It would be best if you planned the entire organization in advance by creating a checklist. About 5 days before the move, call your friends to make sure they’re there from the start. You can also add this as a reminder in the checklist. Many renovations are often in the competence of the relocating, and they need no specialized help, for example, to paint walls. In this way, you can significantly reduce the removal costs. Even if you have no crafting skills, you certainly have friends who can help you in this regard. But do not forget to organize a party, in this case, to thank all participants again.


2. Request several relocation requests

But if you move far away, where you still have no friends, then you should definitely rely on expert relocation helpers. For this purpose, you should find a suitable moving company that will meet your needs and desires. The fastest way to find a removal company is via the Internet. Online you can request and compare multiple relocation requests. A tip: Not always the low-priced offer is the best. Compare not only the prices but also the services offered.

If you have opted for a moving company, do 10, 20 minutes of Internet research. That can save you a lot of trouble.
If you still want to be supported in the manual work, you can also find such companies on the Internet. In this case, you can also request several cost estimates. Do not rely on oral promises. Always ask for written offers to avoid unpleasant surprises.


3. Do not select the move date at the last moment

You probably do not believe it, but you can also save money by choosing the move date on time. The cost of expert removal or rental of a moving vehicle may vary depending on the season, the day of the week or the day of the month. In winter, the relocation companies do not have so many orders, so you offer cheap deals at this time of the year.

The high season in this area usually covers the warm summer months. Then the removal costs are correspondingly higher, especially if you want to hire a moving company at the last moment. At the turn of the month and the weekend, the removal services cost more, because many people want to be moved at this time. If you hire a removal company three months in advance, you can get a discount for early booking.


4. The alternative – additional load

Maybe you know the term – load. This is a cheap alternative for your little move. Many moving companies offer this service. What is the additional load actually? Not always are the trolleys fully loaded. In order to avoid half-empty, many forwarders or transport companies are ready to carry the additional load. This service is convenient for both the shipper and the forwarding company. It is worth collecting more information about this variant, only if your move is not dependent on time.


5. The size of the moving car is also important when it comes to saving money

How to calculate the size of the furniture wagon if you want to rent one. It’s easy these days because most rental companies have relocation calculators on their website. In this way, you can quickly find out the extent of your belongings and what moving cars you need to. This first calculation is only a first orientation. Of course, you can get advice from experts who will give you useful tips.

Note the fact that it makes no sense to rent a moving car that is too big or too small. This only means higher costs, which is undesirable. You can not fully load a moving truck that is too big, but you should pay the full rental amount. But if the moving car is too small, you should do several trips, which in turn means more costs.

You still have a cost-effective option: rent trailer for the car. The cost varies by region. Here we describe the prices for a trailer, which should serve only as orientation. Loading height – 1.80 m, width – 2 m, length – 5.60 m. The costs are for 5 hours / 25 €, for one day / 35 $, for the weekend / 79 $ or a whole week / 199 $. You can not fully load a moving truck that is too big, but you should pay the full rental amount. But if the moving car is too small, you should do several trips, which in turn means more costs.


6. Moving for less than 400.00 USD? Is that possible?

Who wants to reduce the costs of relocation should not be reckless. Offers for less than 400.00 USD are dubious, and you have to check everything down to the smallest detail. In this case, you can hardly rely on loyalty and quality. It’s better to take fewer risks than you have to pay twice as much after the move because something went wrong.


7. The packaging material can also save money

Moving boxes, bubble wrap, book boxes, and clothing boxes should not be bought in any case. On the Internet, you will find many offers for rent. There is the possibility of cartons per day, per month or lump sum to be borrowed. Rent cartons are cheap, and you can save a lot of money with them.

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